Liaison interpreting

Delayed interpreting between two parties, both into and out of the target language.

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting into the target language almost simultaneously from a soundproof booth.

Consecutive interpreting

The spoken word is noted down and then repeated in the desired target language.

Chuchotage (whispering)

Soft-sound interpreting via hand microphone or in the immediate vicinity of the listener


German  →  English

English  →  German

Spanish  →  German

Professional interpretation for your event.

From and into Swiss German on demand.

If requested, I will gladly recommend suitable conference technology providers, advise you on the adequate interpreting mode for your event

and put together a competent team.


About me

I am a freelance conference interpreter, my professional domicile is Zurich.

I grew up bilingual, speaking both German and English, and acquired and established my knowledge of Spanish through an exchange year in Mexico and a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Studies.

I have been a member of the Swiss Interpreters' and Translators' Association (DÜV) since 2016, joined its Interpreting Commission in 2018 and its board in March of 2019.
As a court interpreter, I have gained experience in over 200 assignments for police, public prosecutors and courts in the Canton of Zurich.
I also work part-time as a subtitler and respeaker for Swiss National Television

Dolmetscher Zürich, Dolmetscher,


Übersetzer Zürich,


Curriculum vitae


2019 Joined the board of the Swiss Interpreters' and Translators' Association
2018 Interpreting audit at the Zurich Court of Coercive Measures
2018 Joined the DÜV Interpreters'
2017 Continuing education course in court interpreting for the canton of Zurich
2017 Training in live transcription

2016 Joined the Swiss Interpreters' and Translators' Association DÜV
2016 Started working as a subtitler and respeaker for SWISS TXT
2016 Master's degree in Conference Interpreting from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences
2013 Bachelor degree in Hispanic Studies and Social Sciences from the University of Basel


Feel free to contact me for a non-binding offer

Meret Gregoris

Berninastrasse 42

8057 Zürich

+41 79 814 33 83


Take a look at how live subtitling works (in German)


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